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Into the Italian Alps

Chamonix is a town that has two distinct seasons of increased activity: summer and winter. What falls in between the two is just considered inter-season.  Although the obvious activities and tourist attractions might be closed or less accessible now, there are still many ways to make the most of this time "in-between". There's plenty of hiking, running, sight-seeing, mountaineering, and climbing to do—weather permitting (and lately, it has). And even if it isn't, a little run in the rain can be fun, right? No snow so far, though I imagine it isn't too far off given the steadily declining temperature. In the last few weeks, I've been able to enjoy some of these daytime activities: I've climbed on the nearby rock wall, done some beautiful hikes, and even ran a few trails here and there! I'm nowhere near being able to run long distances (see my post where I talk about UTMR), but it's a good feeling to push my body beyond what it is used to.  Speaking

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